Understanding Payment Card Processing

February 12, 2019 0 Comments

Credit card processing (or merchant services) can be rather confusing, as there are many moving parts in the process that takes place when a customer pays by credit card. In

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Contactless Payments. What Does it Mean For Your Business?

February 6, 2019 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how services like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay work? No, it’s not by magic… it’s by using NFC ( near field communication) technology, otherwise

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Making Waves in A Small Boat

February 1, 2019 0 Comments

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Billback Pricing

February 1, 2019 1 Comments

We know that the card payments industry has maintained a reputation of overcharging for the sake of higher profits for a reason, but we are ready for that to change.

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3D Secure 2.0: Better, Stronger Fraud Detection For Internet Payments

January 22, 2019 0 Comments

  Online shopping has drastically changed the way consumers access goods across the world. Today, the number of connected devices is in the billions. Most of these consumers are making

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The Real Value of Client Relationships

January 17, 2019 0 Comments

“Business is Business:” a statement that has defined and crippled the professional culture for a too long. How many times have we heard or said this ourselves with the intent

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