November 12, 2019

Texas HB2102

TJ Markland


You may have heard rumors about a new law in effect that prevents roofers from offering to cover homeowner deductibles, and we’re here to tell you the rumors are true. This is a big deal! In the past, many roofers would offer to “pay” the deductible fee but eventually add the cost of that deductible back into the cost of the roof that would be billed to insurance. As of September, this new law (formally known as TX HB2102) makes all such practices illegal, and homeowners are now responsible for covering the full cost of their deductibles. If you’re hearing about this for the first time, check out these resources to get the full scope of how this law might impact your business:

We understand the reasoning for passing this bill, and we also understand how disruptive this is to the roofing industry. If you’re a roofer, this is a major setback that could end up costing your company a ton of money with this drastic change. Here at Rev19, we don’t just sympathize with your predicament, we’ve created an alternative solution. Our team recently launched a new program called RevPay that’s making waves in the roofing industry! Our RevPay consumer lending product enables retailers to offer smart solutions for customers looking for installment financing.  This program entails white label financing, a seamless application process, as well as flexible and affordable plans that is at no cost to you, the business owner and it provides unparalleled cash flow management.

It’s true, flexible payment solutions lead to increased sales and we make it as easy as possible to vamp up your sales while taking advantage of this program. Customers can receive immediate credit approval with scores as low as 575, and flexible financing of loans up to $25,000. We assume 100% of the risk, while you receive 100% of the loan amount. Other program features include 48-hour ACH deposits and a white label, paperless system for a seamless customer experience. RevPay means you don’t have to sweat the new laws and may actually have your best year of business to date. Connect with us today so we can help you get set up before the busy spring season! To learn more, fill out the form below and one of our RevPay experts will be in touch.

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